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Indy Kaur

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Plant Futures

Indy Kaur, Founder and CEO of Plant Futures, UK’s leading mission-driven consultancy specializing in the UK's plant-based sector. With a team of experienced industry professionals, Plant Futures offers practical market intelligence and strategic insights, providing businesses with a competitive edge to drive the plant-based food sector forward.

At Plant Futures, Indy is at the forefront of addressing some of the UK's most critical challenges, guiding businesses on how to achieve growth and success. Additionally, Indy is pioneering the launch of the first 'insight to action' workshop, uniting many plant-based protein businesses to foster collective action.

With over 18 years in the food industry, Indy's career includes contributions to major players like Nestle and Mondelez, specializing in research and development. She later transitioned to roles at renowned brands such as Gu Puds and, most recently, held a pivotal position at Tesco, focusing on food trends and plant-based strategies.

Indy's work is centred on promoting healthier diets and a more sustainable food system, with a strong emphasis on the pivotal role of plants in this transition. Her commitment is grounded in practical solutions for positive change within the industry, reflecting a wealth of experience and expertise.

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April 16-18, 2024