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Aamir Malkani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Plant Up

Aamir Malkani is the Founder and CEO of Plant Up, a dynamic Toronto-based food Startup revolutionizing the culinary landscape with its inventive and globally inspired plant-based offerings. With a mission to redefine the plant-based sector beyond conventional burgers and nuggets, Plant Up introduces a diverse array of products infused with bold, daring flavors that capture the essence of Canada's multicultural tapestry. Committed to providing consumers with guilt-free indulgence, the company strives to take Plant-based mainstream with its ‘taste-first’ approach, developing foods that cater to all.

Plant Up has rapidly expanded its footprint, boasting distribution in over 1,000 stores nationwide and amassing a devoted following for its delectable appetizers.

Aamir's journey to entrepreneurship began with his relocation to Canada from India in January 2020, driven by a desire to establish a company that could affect positive change on a grand scale. His extensive international experience, having lived and worked in three different countries and visited over 28 others, imbues his work with a rich, global perspective.

Rooted in an entrepreneurial lineage, Aamir draws inspiration from his family history, particularly his father's efforts as one of the first exporters of organic textiles from India in 1991. He credits his father for instilling in him the ethos of sustainability and for embracing organic and fairtrade practices during a time when they were still considered novel concepts.

Through his entrepreneurial journey as a first-gen Canadian, Aamir hopes to encourage more immigrants to take on entrepreneurship as a career and avail the opportunities that Canada has to offer, with its ease of doing business, governmental support, access to loans and grants, and a robust infrastructure to start their own ventures.

Under his leadership, Plant Up is set to not only reshape the plant-based food industry but also champion a philosophy of conscious consumption and culinary innovation.

Day 1 - Apr 16, 2023
4:20 PM

Panel: Showcasing Canadian Innovation Across the Value Chain

Aamir Malkani

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